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Food Miles

At Victoria Bakery we have always taken the sourcing of all our ingredients very seriously, after all you cannot make a silk purse out of a sow′s ear! Therefore we have always striven to find the very best ingredients to craft into delicious bread and cakes. Where possible we have always used local suppliers such as G R Wright & Sons Ltd, flour millers of Ponders End, Middlesex, (less than 9 miles from our bakery in Barnet). Wrights have been milling flour for us for over 50 years and are our largest single supplier.

With David Wright′s help we have now taken this a stage further. All the wheat which is sourced to mill our most commonly used flour (over three quarters of our total usage) comes from a single farm, run by Tim, Tom and James Benton at Hornden on the Hill in Essex. The total food miles from farm to mill to bakery is only 36.2 miles!

We are also using locally sourced beef and pork from Hedges Farm, less than 10 moles from the bakery. Drew Woollatt breeds and rears his own cattle,( Aberdeen Angus x Charolais) and pigs, (Gloucester Old Spot x British Saddleback). We use the beef, which has been hung for two weeks to give real flavour, in our hand made Steak and Kidney Pies and Cornish Pasties. The pork is used in our delicious Sausage Rolls

Why buy locally?

Buying local food means fewer “food miles” (the distance food travels between the producer and you the consumer). This means less pollution from transporting food and smaller carbon emissions that are effecting climate change.

Local food is fresh, healthy and delicious. It also helps support the smaller local food businesses like Victoria Bakery and our local suppliers. This helps the local economy and helps to build a local sustainable food community.

What’s more, it means you can know where your food actually comes from and the care and attention that goes into producing it.

The Wheat Farmer

E & K Benton′s Ltd are 4th generation family farmers and have been growing wheat in Essex since 1926. Started by Sonny Benton, the farm is now run by Tim and his sons Tom and James. The farm is in an area of low rainfall on fertile, ′moisture trapping′ London Clay – ideal for the cultivation of Britain’s best quality bread wheat variety, Hereward. Wheat is grown, harvested, stored and transported under strict standards of hygiene and food safety that are assured from an independent assessor.

The Miller

GR Wright & Sons Ltd are 5th generation family millers, milling in the area since 1867, from a mill that has been milling on the same site since 1087 and now run by David Wright, the great, great grandson of the company′s founder George. Wright′s is London′s last miller and is a small business in an industry dominated by huge milling companies and has prospered through their dogged determination to produce very high quality, specialist flours.

The Baker

James Freeman′s family have been baking bread in North London since 1827, when his great-great-grandfather, Robert, opened a bakery in Highgate. The Freeman family have been baking the very best bread, cakes and pastries continuously since then and are now in their fifth generation of the bakery trade.

Victoria Bakery has been in Barnet since 1968, although there has been a bakery on the site for centuries before. It is believed that this was the bakery on the steps of which Oliver Twist met the Artful Dodger in Charles Dickens′ novel

Victoria Bakery has only two shops, both in Barnet, believing that it is best to remain small, local and personal, to bake ″real quality, real taste, real food″ which is achieved using a long dough fermentation and baking process.

Proprietor, James Freeman says ″We have been using flour from G R Wright & Sons for over 50 years and like us they have always striven to produce a top quality product. We are delighted to be able to make bread from the very best locally milled flour from locally grown wheat. This fits in well with our policy of, where possible, sourcing our ingredients from local suppliers.″

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All of our products are made by our skilled bakers using the very best quality ingredients and recipes to produce really top quality goods.

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