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Our extensive range includes:

Small Asstd Oven Bottom Bloomers & Danish - made from traditional overnight fermented dough and baked direct on the stone bottom of the oven for real flavour and crustiness. Makes delicious toast.

Tins Asstd White Tin Breads - again made from overnight dough but baked in tins, square sandwich, long split tins. or a seeded plait which has a super flavour combined with an extra soft crumb. Ideal for sandwiches.

Wholemeal Asstd 100% Stoneground Wholemeal - milled on old fashioned genuine millstones with none of the goodness of the wheat removed.

Maltcob Asstd Maltcob - a brown loaf with added pieces of malted wheat to give a delicious nutty flavour.

Multiseed Low GI Multiseed Bread – Specially formulated with pumpkin, linseed and sunflower seed to make a loaf with a typical Glycaemic Index (GI) of just 54, which is in the low GI category. This is not only good for you and your family but tastes great too. Fast becoming one of our most popular loaves.

Spelt Honey Spelt & Honey Bread - a bread made with 100% Spelt flour. Spelt is the forerunner of modern day wheat and can be traced back at least 7000 years. It can be suitable for some people with wheat intolerance. Tasty too.

Sourdough Bread – We make an extensive range of sourdough breads in various shapes, sizes and flavours, including Olive Sourdough, Sunflower Seed Sourdough, Walnut & Sultana Sourdough, Farmhouse Sourdough, and our own favourite Barnet Sourdough.

Spekkle Spekkle Bread - made from white flour with added sunflower seeds and soya flakes making it extra healthy.

Irish Soda Irish soda - made from an authentic Irish recipe with buttermilk and without yeast. Great toasted or with soup.

Baguettes – Large and small, with or without poppy or sesame seeds.

Rolls Rolls – we bake a selection of rolls everyday, from traditional crusty rolls through to Multiseed, Nutty and 100% Stoneground Wholemeal.

We have reduced the amount of salt in our breads the food standards agency has set a target level a salt in bread at 1% to be acheived by 2012. We have already reduced the salt in our bread to this level.

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All of our products are made by our skilled bakers using the very best quality ingredients and recipes to produce really top quality goods.

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We have one outlet in Barnet - we’re easy to find and welcome anybody, anytime!

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We’ve worked hard to reduce our landfill waste by a third through recycling.

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