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Available in the Bakery: Sandwiches

We make all our sandwiches, filled rolls, baguettes and bagels every morning. The bread and rolls are so fresh we often have to wait for them to cool down before we can fill them!

We slice our bread thickly before packing it with a range of fillings from traditional Cheddar Cheese and Branston Pickle to Smoked Salmon, Chicken and tarragon or Houmous and Roasted Peppers.

All the ham and bacon used comes from Wicks Manor Farm in Essex, where the pigs are reared in spacious conditions and fed on home grown feed.

All eggs used are 100% British Free Range, even in the mayonnaise.

Breads and wheat


Try some of our sweet delectible delights, including doughnuts, jam and ring, American-style muffins and our famous cakes.

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We have one outlet in Barnet - we’re easy to find and welcome anybody, anytime!

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We’ve worked hard to reduce our landfill waste by a third through recycling.

Environment policy

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