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Available in the Bakery: Savouries

We make a wide range of savoury products using our homemade puff and short pastry.

Sausage Rolls Sausage rolls are still the favourite made with crispy puff pastry and filled with Pork Sausage meat using pork from Hedges Farm.

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Pasties Cornish Pasties with beef from Hedges Farm mixed with fresh vegetables in short pastry.

Bacon & Cheese Puffs a delicious combination with superb bacon from Wicks Manor Farm in Essex


Vegetable Pasties filled with mixed vegetables and cheddar cheese.


Cheese straws are a real favourite with children or adults who fancy a small nibble.

Breads and wheat

Quality assurance

All of our products are made by our skilled bakers using the very best quality ingredients and recipes to produce really top quality goods.

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We have one outlet in Barnet - we’re easy to find and welcome anybody, anytime!

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We’ve worked hard to reduce our landfill waste by a third through recycling.

Environment policy

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